It all started with our founders, xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx who started Ghost Drops in a remote warehouse in xxxxxxxxx, right on the corner of xxxxxxx & xxxxxxxxx. We began our in-cognito operation of delivering the highest end xxxx of cannabis to Canada’s elite, like, xxxxxx and xxxx. We had to keep that xxxx on the d/l though. That’s where the name Ghost Drops came from - we had to be invisible in our operation. Naturally, each delivery became known on the streets as a “ghost drop.”

Aficionados of the illest, dankest plants to ever pop out of the soil, we knew it would eventually go mainstream. But even if it didn’t, we legit didn’t give a xxxxxxx. We were still gonna do our thing, supplying North America’s finest with North America’s finest.

And that’s what we’ve been doing ever since.

Join the Ghostfam.