Ghost Drops Loyalty Program

We welcome you to our rewards program called Ghost Dots!

With every dollar you spend on products (shipping excluded), you will earn 1 Ghost Dot, which you can use to purchase your favourite products.

For every 50 Ghost Dots you will earn a $1 off of your purchase. Even better, these points can be redeemed at any time and never expire!

You can view your point history and balance by logging into your account and clicking on Ghost Dots Loyalty Program tab featured on your profile. (Points take 24 hours to activate – the exclusion period)

How to earn Ghost Dots:

  • *NEW* Write a review on r/CanadianMOMs Quarterly MegaThread (follow proper posting procedure with a detailed review) and email us the link and your account name here on the site at We will award you 250 ($5) Ghost Dots per accepted review
  • *NEW* Post a picture and short review on r/MOMpics and email us the link and your account name here on the site at We will award you 150 ($3) Ghost Dots per accepted picture/review
  • Purchase your favorite products and earn one point for every dollar you spend on those products.
  • Write a review of the products you purchase. We will award you 100 ($2) Ghost Dots per review.
  • You get $20 worth of dots for just signing up to the website!! (1000 Ghost Dots).
  • Follow us on Instagram @GhostDropsdotcomm and earn 100 ($2) Ghost Dots.
  • Make a tweet from the site and earn 100 ($2) Ghost Dots.
  • Share a page on FaceBook from the site and earn 100 ($2) Ghost Dots

*NOTE – Points are never applied or earned from shipping fees.

How to apply my Ghost Dots to get a discount on my order:

Simply click on the Apply button at the checkout to apply your Ghost Drops to your purchase.

You will then see the dollar amount discounted from your cart total.

You may not be able to use your Ghost Dots in conjunction with other coupons, as those coupons may have restrictions.

Now the discount has been applied to your order and you are ready to check out!

You can also earn $10 for you and every person you refer that completes a purchase. To get to your referral link, go to “My Account” then click “Refer A Friend”. There you will find your unique referral code link. Have your friends make a purchase through that link to earn $10 for you and $10 for that friend!

Note – If you sign up under multiple emails/usernames to gain extra sign up points, your loyalty point privileges may be suspended. This is a one time welcome bonus. This is your warning.
 Point rewards may change at anytime. (Meaning how many points you may get per action taken). Please keep checking back for the most up to date program.