Ghost Drops Charity Poker

At Ghost Drops, we believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back. This commitment to making a difference inspired us to host the annual Ghost Drops Charity Poker Tournament, an exclusive event that brings together 250+ participants from our friends, family, and the cannabis industry. Over the past two years, this tournament has become a highlight in our calendar, blending excitement, friendly competition, and philanthropy in a memorable gathering.

2022: Supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters Toronto

The inaugural Ghost Drops Charity Poker Tournament in 2022 was a smashing success. With 250+ participants shuffling, dealing, and competing, the atmosphere was electric. The event was not just about the thrill of the game; it was also about making a meaningful impact.

We proudly supported Big Brothers Big Sisters Toronto, a local charity dedicated to providing mentorship and guidance to young people facing adversity. Through their one-to-one mentoring programs, Big Brothers Big Sisters Toronto empowers these young individuals to reach their full potential, fostering a brighter and more promising future. The funds raised during the tournament helped further their mission, making a significant difference in the lives of many young Torontonians.

2023: Benefitting Chai Lifeline Canada

Building on the success of the previous year, the 2023 Ghost Drops Charity Poker Tournament once again brought together our vibrant community for a night of high stakes and high impact. This time, we turned our support to Chai Lifeline Canada, an organization dedicated to supporting children and parents facing life-threatening or lifelong illnesses.

Participants competed for over $35,000 in prizes, knowing that their contributions would help provide vital support to families in need. Chai Lifeline Canada offers a range of services that address the emotional, social, and financial challenges these families face, ensuring they receive the comprehensive care and support they deserve.

Event Sponsors and Retailers

The success of the 2023 Ghost Drops Charity Poker Tournament was made possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, including Royal Flush (DLive, Of the Earth), Full House (Rafat), Four of a Kind (High North, Clearwater), Straight Flush (Advanced Forming), Flush (The Kushion, Fabulous Floors, Down and Dirty, Pro Glass Railings, ILF Enterprise, ILF Plumbing, One Step Security), Bar Sponsor (Wraptors, La Agencia), and Hostess Sponsor (European Auto). We also extend a special thanks to our preferred cannabis retailers who supported Ghost Drops and our initiatives: Pops Cannabis, Civillian, Sticky Nugz, Northern Helm, Piffingtons, Buds Smoke, and Holland Daze.

The Spirit of Friendly Competition

At Ghost Drops, we value the spirit of friendly competition as a core tenet of our community and culture. This spirit not only drives us in our business endeavors but also fuels our charitable initiatives. Poker, inherently a game of strategy and camaraderie, embodies this value perfectly. Our charity poker tournaments are a testament to how competition can bring people together, foster connections, and drive collective action towards a greater good.

A Tradition of Giving Back

The Ghost Drops Charity Poker Tournament has quickly become a beloved tradition, bringing together our community for nights of fun, excitement, and most importantly, charity. As we look ahead, we are committed to continuing this tradition, supporting more causes, and making an even greater impact.

Stay tuned for more updates on future tournaments and other charitable initiatives from Ghost Drops. Together, we can shuffle, deal, and win big – all while giving back to those who need it most.