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What provinces are your products available in?

Ghost Drops products are currently available via retail partners in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Manitoba and New Brunswick.

Yes, we selectively choose retailers to partner with. Reach out to to schedule a pop-up and learn more.

The majority of 3.5g jar shipments from Ghost Drops to cannabis retailers come with accompanying collectible trading cards that visually represent our iconic strains. These cards are to be distributed by budtenders to consumers with purchase of Ghost Drops 3.5g jars (1 jar = 1 collectible card). These cards can be registered online for access to exclusive benefits. Our special 1-in-100 holographic cards can be redeemed for a special merchandise prize package. Find out more information here.

If in Ontario, MB, BC or NWT - contact your local provincial wholesaler of cannabis. Ontario = Ontario Cannabis Store. BC = British Columbia Liquor Distribution Board. NWT = NTLCC. Manitoba = LGCA.

If in Saskatchewan, contact Valiant Distribution.

New Brunswick is distributed exclusively by the provincial government to government-owned stores.

Yes. To request displays and learn more, please reach out to

Please contact us at for more information.