The best cannabis used to be in the legacy market - not anymore.

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Our All-Star partners
We have earned our reputation for being expert curators and dropping the absolute hottest products in the market. We’re not growers, we’re a brand house. To deliver our fire, what we do is empower our award-winning grower and breeder partners to hunt and create the most interesting, unique, and potent cannabis in Canada.

Working with our All-Star roster of partners, we develop and scale our legacy strains and bring them to market. Our partners trust us to represent their product, their business, and their brand. And we don’t take credit for others’ work – we happily publicize talent. Our partnerships are what make us. We do right by our partners. Always.

Our All-Star partners

Born in the dark

Anonymous and hidden, Ghost Drops started in nondescript warehouse with one ambition: to shine a light on the most talented people working in the darkest corners of the industry.

The Ghost was always something experienced but not seen— discreetly dropping the most interesting and innovative cannabis products to the most discerning consumers in the legacy market. Our notoriety grew and each new strain delivery became known on the streets as a “Ghost Drop”.

In operation since 2017, we launched into the legal market in Canada in 2021.

Into the spotlight

Now out of the shadows, Ghost Drops is serving up its infamous underground quality and culture to the legal market. With an unrivalled instinct for tastes and trends, the Ghost is delivering the game-changing legacy genetics that legal consumers have previously been denied.

And though we’ve transitioned to the legal market, our ambition remains the same as always: we’re still shining a light on the best in the legacy market. We’ll never stop disrupting the status quo.

Our OG strainart

If you know, you know. Our legacy strain art was killer. But the viral marketing that made us infamous in the legacy market isn’t allowed under Canadian cannabis regulations in the legal market. So we’re keeping the strain art alive in another way – as limited edition NFTs. Digitally, our OG legacy lives on.

How our drops work

The journey from pheno-hunting to dispensary shelves.

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What drives us

We’ve been transforming the scene since Day One. And we won’t ever stop. Explore the vision, mission, and values that drive us.

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The Ghostfam = our Ghost Drops family. Our community. They've got our backs. And we've got theirs.
  • Ghostfam is anyone who has worked in the shadows of the legacy market, hidden, unseen, anonymous.
  • Ghostfam is our network of hunters, breeders, and grower partners, and everyone who has helped us succeed.
  • And Ghostfam is our loyal community of connoisseur consumers – those who get it, who want to experience legacy cannabis in the legal market, who love Ghost Drops.

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Homegrown, award-winning, exceptional. Don't miss out.

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