King Of The Dot Battle Rap

King of the Dot (KOTD) is renowned as one of the premier rap battle leagues in the world, celebrated for its high-caliber battles and significant contributions to the global hip-hop community. Founded in 2008 by Canadian battle rapper Organik, KOTD began as a small gathering of local talent in Toronto. The league's name, King of the Dot, is a nod to Toronto's nickname, "The Dot," symbolizing its roots in the city's vibrant music scene.

The league quickly gained traction, known for its raw, unfiltered lyrical showdowns that attracted both fans and aspiring battle rappers. With a dedication to showcasing talent and pushing the boundaries of the art form, KOTD evolved from street battles in Toronto to hosting international events that draw competitors and audiences from around the globe. Its innovative format, high production values, and respect for the craft have made KOTD a household name in the battle rap world.

KOTD has hosted some of the most memorable and legendary rap battles, featuring a mix of established stars and rising talents. The league has become a platform for artists to hone their skills, gain exposure, and cement their reputations in the competitive world of battle rap.

Organik, the co-founder of Ghost Drops, is also the founder of King of the Dot. His dual role as a prolific member of both the Canadian hip-hop and cannabis communities has created a natural synergy between the two brands. Ghost Drops' presence at KOTD battles is a testament to this unique bond, where the vibrancy of cannabis culture intersects with the raw intensity of battle rap.

Ghost Drops is proud to support King of the Dot, bringing the energy and ethos of the cannabis community to the forefront of the battle rap scene. At every KOTD event, Ghost Drops ensures that fans and participants experience the best of both worlds.