Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

On Thanksgiving Monday of this year, we teamed up with THG’s Hot Chicken to offer a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway for the housing community at 399 Markham Road in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario.

Ghost Drops co-founder Organik organized the event with Chef Aleem, founder of THG’s Hot Chicken. Ghost Drops CEO Gene Bernaudo, Heavy Huddy, Camo AKA Gangis Khan, Peter Jackson and more participated in the turkey and hot chicken slider giveaway. The event was organized to help families and individuals in need celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy a warm meal.

Over 150 turkeys were given out by our team on Thanksgiving Monday. Dozens of hot chicken sliders were also given out for free to all local residents and visitors.

At Ghost Drops, we’re incredibly grateful for our local communities and we strive to give back and support those who’ve supported us along the way. Stay tuned to our social media and email newsletter for upcoming Ghost Drops give backs.

We’d like to thank everyone that volunteered, everyone that showed up and all of the brands and companies that supported this amazing day.

The Turkey Drop happened outside of a housing complex at 399 Markham Road. Markham Road is a main north-south road located in central Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario. Scarborough is a district of Toronto, Ontario located in the east end of the city.