With every strain drop and every new iteration, we're delivering collectibles

You know we don't ****** around. We 're out to do things a little differently. So when we launched into the legal market, we decided to introduce baseball-style collectible cards that carry the info and energy of our killer legacy strains.

Every new drop, and every new season, we'll be dropping new cards. Collect this ever-expanding set - and keep an eye out for the extra-special, ultra-limited cards with the holograms on the back (or on the front and the back for the newer version).

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If you're luck enough to have found one of the ultra-rare hologram cards, there's an extra prize in the registration process.

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it works

You should receive 1 collectible card from the dispensary when you buy a 3.5g jar of Ghost Drops cannabis, in most cases. There may be occasions where card supply is limited or stock is unavailable.


These are super rare collectibles. Just 1-in-50 strain collectibles features the extra-special Ghost Drops hologram on the back (or on the front and the back for the newer version). You're going to want to find one of these.

Register your hologram with us and we’ll set you up with a couple of special bonuses. First, we’ll send you out something extra special in the post. Second, you’ll be added to the draw for our Crypto Drops White List, for a chance to win first access to our NFT drops.

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