Donny Burger

  • Plant


  • Terpene %


  • THC


  • CBD


  • Dominant Terpenes

    B-Myrcene, D-Limonene, B-Caryophyllene, T-Nerolidol

Ghost Drops Donny Burger is bred by Skunk House Genetics and grown by our ultra-premium craft micro-producer partners. An Indica-leaning hybrid with a heavy, potent smoke. This cross of Hans Solo Burger x GMO produces tight, dense buds with purple tones and impressive trichome coverage. Featuring a sweet, creamy, funky scent and aroma.


Donny Burger’s long, amber pistils complement its deep green leaves with dark purple undertones. Absolutely caked and covered in trichome heads.


Donny Burger has a pungent, sweet, funky scent with undertones of fuel.


Donny Burger has a flavour that is creamy and smooth, with subtle notes of pine and fuel.

Available In
  • 14g Slimebags

  • Donny Burger
    • Han Solo Burger
    • GMO
  • Donny Burger
    • GMO
      • Chemdawg
      • GSC
    • Jet Fuel
      • Jet Fuel
      • Gelato

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