Ghost Drops Launches 2 New Strains Exclusively on OCS’ Flow-Through Portal

Ghost Drops, Canada's Most Notorious Cannabis Brand, drops 5 new SKUs into the Ontario market. This product release includes the return of the brand’s best-selling 14g Slimebags and the launch of two new proprietary strains, C.R.E.A.M Cake and King Sherb, in both 0.5g pre-rolled joints and 3.5g jars.

C.R.E.A.M Cake is a hard-hitting Indica-dominant hybrid that offers a decadent fusion of lemon, lime and cream flavours. This cross of Creamsicle x Pancakes was bred by Tiki Madman and grown exclusively by Purplefarm in the Seaway region of Eastern Ontario. “Cake Rules Everything Around Me”.

King Sherb is a deliciously sweet hybrid strain fit for royalty. A cross of OG Kush Breath V2.1 x Blue Sherbet, King Sherb is bred by In House Genetics and grown by a talented craft micro-producer based in Quebec. An iconic strain that Ghost Drops transitioned from illicit to legal through exclusive partnerships.

Ghost Drops’ Slimebags offer the brand’s iconic strains in a larger, 14g format at a lower price. Slimebags only come in limited drops and typically sell out almost instantaneously from retail stores. This drop of Slimebags features the award-winning First Class Funk Indica-dominant hybrid strain.

These products became available for Ontario retailers through the OCS’ Flow-Through ordering portal on November 1st and will hit retail shelves the week of the 21st. This is Ghost Drops’ first product launch done exclusively through Flow-Through, the Ontario Cannabis Store’s new ordering platform.

Flow-Through is a completely novel sales model that was hurriedly introduced to the retail space in Canada with minimal education and communication from the OCS to both retailers and LPs. There are myriad misunderstandings regarding this Flow-Through program across the industry, so the remainder of this press release will focus on explaining this new model to clear up any confusion.

The OCS Flow-Through program changes the way that cannabis is bought and sold between Licensed Producers and retailers. Flow-Through listings are not stocked by the OCS, but instead “flow through” their warehouse on a made-to-order, demand basis. Flow-Through orders are made by retailers through the OCS wholesale portal.

Flow-Through products operate on a different schedule than general listing stocked deliveries. During order week, retailers place their orders between Tuesday and the following Monday on their respective order days. During week two, the OCS cuts a purchase order to the Licensed Producer based on confirmed demand from retailers. Over this time, the LP manufactures, packages and ships the ordered product to the OCS warehouse. On week three, orders are delivered to retail stores on their respective delivery dates. In total, typically 17 days elapse between the retailer’s order date and their delivery date. Retailers can order and receive Flow-Through items weekly, in the same way they order general listing stocked products. Payment terms for retailers are the same, with payment being required on production of the ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice), typically the day before orders arrive.

There are several benefits of this program for retailers. The first is exclusive access to retailer-only drops that can’t be found through the, allowing stores to differentiate themselves from one another and from the government’s online product selection. Ghost Drops’ newest line-up is exclusively available through Flow-Through. Most new product launches will be done via Flow-Through by the end of 2023 according to the OCS. Through Flow-Through, inventory that is ordered is guaranteed to arrive on the retail store’s corresponding delivery date (as opposed to general listing stocked orders, which operate on a lottery system when demand exceeds supply).

This program creates opportunities for smaller craft brands and new SKUs to get listed and prove themselves in Ontario, allowing Ghost Drops to commercialize more legacy and iconic entities under the company’s “The League” brand house. The OCS will also be accepting more SKUs and strains under this program, allowing Ghost Drops to launch a variety of new cultivars and product types in a shorter time period. This move assists LPs in more accurately gauging demand, to avoid any return-to-vendor or overproduction-related problems.

Overall, Ghost Drops believes that the Flow-Through program will prove beneficial for both brands and retail stores across Ontario. Additionally, consumers will have access to a wider selection of craft and premium products to choose from. Ghost Drops welcomes these necessary changes and will continue to adapt and thrive in the dynamic Canadian cannabis industry.

Still have questions about Flow-Through? Please read through our detailed chart below and send an email to with any further inquiries.

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