Ghost Drop launches into Saskatchewan

Ghost Drops, Canada’s Most Notorious Cannabis Brand, has announced its plans to enter the Saskatchewan market to provide local consumers with their best-selling premium indoor flower. This move helps to solidify the company as the number one premium cannabis brand in the country.

Ghost Drops initially entered into the legal market by launching into British Columbia with Ontario following soon after. Supplying the Saskatchewan market will be Ghost Drops’ first foray into the Prairie provinces. Consumers in Saskatchewan have been patiently waiting for the Ghost to drop in their province and now the announcement is finally here.

Saskatchewan-based retailers will soon have access to Ghost Drops’ signature, award-winning strains - First Class Funk and Z-Splitter - in two different product formats. Both strains will be available in GD’s iconic 3.5g glass jars of premium indoor flower along with 1g king size hemp wrap blunts.

First Class Funk is a high THC, best-selling Indica-dominant hybrid with a funky, gassy aroma. Z-Splitter is an award-winning hybrid strain with a uniquely sweet, tropical, fruity flavour and aroma. Both strains are beloved for their aroma, flavour and potency.

There are over 100 cannabis stores in Saskatchewan that will now be able to provide their shoppers with Ghost Drops product. Saskatchewan-based cannabis stores can order Ghost Drops product through the WeedPool collective. Contact WeedPool for more information.

The expansion continues. Ghost Drops plans to continue expanding across the country and beyond. Stay tuned to our blog, website and email newsletter for more provincial launch announcements.

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