King Sherb

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  • Dominant Terpenes

    A-Bisabolol, t-Nerolidol, Camphene, Caryophyllene.

Ghost Drops cut of King Sherb is bred by In House Genetics, hunted by Cultivating Happiness and grown by several ultra-premium, hand selected, craft micro-producers. The Ghost Drops team performed an extensive pheno hunt to curate this specific cut of King Sherb. This cross of OGKB V2.1 x Blue Sherbet results in a hard-hitting, flavourful and exotic Indica-leaning hybrid strain.


King Sherb produces dense buds that are encrusted with abundant trichomes, featuring dark green leaves and an array of beautiful purple undertones.


King Sherb offers a sweet yet pungent nose.


King Sherb’s flavour is gassy, funky and smooth. Experience notes of sweet cream and chemical funk flavours on the inhale, followed by a kushy aftertaste.

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  • 3.5g
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  • King Sherb
    • OG Kush Breath V2.1
    • Blue Sherbert
  • King Sherb
    • GMO
      • Chemdawg
      • GSC
    • Jet Fuel
      • Jet Fuel
      • Gelato

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