Slurmmm Melts is out to dominate the solventless extraction market. The company sets the Canadian standard, working closely with its collective and growers. Though it’s a new start-up, the Slurmmm Melts team has 10+ years’ experience as growers and extractors in the legacy market, learning and being guided by the OGs of the game. Slurmmm Melts’ collective, Old Growth Collective, is a group of old-school growers and extractors on Vancouver Island, bringing the legacy market to consumers across Canada.


British Columbia

In operation since


Craft Attributes

  • hand washed
  • hand picked
  • small batch

Grow Details

  • Grow Medium
    living organic soil
What needs to change in the industry?

Easier access and less obstacles to participate legitimately.

Slurmmm Melts

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