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The Triple Threat is a multi-strain pack of premium pre-rolled joints that allows fans of Ghost Drops to sample three of our award-winning iconic strains at one time. Three hard-hitting hybrids - First Class Funk, Z-Splitter and Khalifa Mints - are now available in a first-of-its-kind variety pack. Our Triple Threat pre-rolls are hand-rolled in small batches with all bud and no bullshit. High THC and prominent flavour with a smooth, even-burning, consistent smoke.
These pre-rolls are colour-coded to help you identify which cultivar is contained inside each roll. Our First Class Funk is represented by blue, Z-Splitter is green and Khalifa Mints is our signature pink. Genetics selected by Cultivating Happiness and Headwater Cannabis. Cultivated and rolled by our hand-picked craft producer partners.

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