What are Hemp Wrap Blunts?

Hemp wraps are rolling papers made for cannabis that are constructed out of hemp. When rolled, these hemp wraps produce a slow burn with thick smoke – similar to a traditional tobacco blunt (but without the tobacco). They are made with natural materials, are sustainable, eco-friendly and are considered less harmful than other blunt-type wraps.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is technically the same species as the cannabis plant but, by definition, contains very low concentrations of cannabinoids. The cannabis plant contains a more abundant amount of cannabinoids, specifically THC, the molecule responsible for the majority of the plant’s psychoactive effects. Hemp seed, hemp protein, and hemp seed oil are commonly consumed in foods. Hemp can even be used to make paper, furniture, clothing and other industrial products.

The Benefits of Hemp Wrap Blunts

Hemp wraps are generally a less harmful substitute when compared to traditional tobacco leaf blunts. Hemp wrap blunts taste fantastic, burn slow and smooth and produce a unique experience. Smokers receive many of the same benefits that they would through smoking a traditional blunt, but without the negative side effects and addictive potential of nicotine and tobacco.

Cannabis Blunts in Canada

In Canada, it is not permitted to sell tobacco and cannabis together. For this reason, every “blunt” product on the legal market is rolled with a form of hemp wrap or similar alternative. Many consumers still choose to consume old-fashioned blunts with tobacco, but these products are purchased and assembled separately. Hemp wrap blunts can be found at licensed cannabis stores across the country. Ghost Drops hemp wrap blunts can be found in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick.

Ghost Drops offers several hemp wrap pre-rolled options with various cultivars including First Class Funk, Z-Splitter and Khalifa Mints. Ghost Drops uses only the highest quality hemp wraps filled with premium indoor flower grown to perfection. Ghost Drops premium 1g hemp wrap blunts are available in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. Ghost Drops hemp wrap blunts are the most premium, highest quality blunts on the market in Canada.

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