What drives us


The People's Champ

Since day one, the community has pushed us to deliver the most premium cannabis in the country from the most respected breeders and growers.

Every day we work to continue to be The People’s Champ - curating the best for consumers across the country. Our initial drops were decided by a People’s Choice tournament that allowed our illicit market community to decide which genetics we would bring to the legal market.

That same sentiment remains in every new product we launch – bringing you the products you know and love.

Our vision

Passionately crafting cannabis + proudly building community + fearlessly challenging the status quo
= Radically transforming culture.

Our mission

To shape a more equitable and flavourful future for the cannabis community in Canada by innovating, educating, and pushing boundaries.

Our values


The people's champ

We fight for the people—for our customers and future customers, our growers and cultivators, our industry, and for everyone who wants to see a different future for cannabis. We fight to change the system—to dismantle stigmas and stereotypes, to elevate cannabis culture and give voice to our community.


#Ghostfam is everything

Our consumers, our colleagues, our collaborators. This community is our family. We’re here because of them and we owe it to them to stay true to our history and values. Without our #ghostfam we don’t exist. We succeed for them and with them.


Be. The.

We aim to set the gold standard. Flavour-chasers, phenohunters, trendsetters—we seek to discover and deliver the best for our consumers. We strive to be the best because we don’t know any other way. Our products, our expertise, our passion, and our customer experience are unparalleled. Our goal is to be the definition of cannabis quality.


Nothing to hide

Our history is what made us. We’re proud to tell our story & celebrate our past. And, just like we won’t hide our roots, we’re committed to openness and authenticity in everything we do. From sharing where our products come from to our deep knowledge of cannabis, we promise to keep our community informed & educated.


Define the future

We will always explore opportunities to improve, advance, and impact the future of our industry. We’re leaders, not followers. Our love for the cannabis community means we’ll never stop pushing boundaries. The future of cannabis is where we decide to take it.

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