How our drops work

Our model = regularly dropping unique cuts you can’t find anywhere else

What is a
Ghost drop?

Our drops are game-changing legacy genetics that have never been available to the market in the past. We work with the best breeders and cultivators in the legacy space to find the most elite cuts we can get our hands on.

We work with Mother Labs to scale strain cuttings, we then cherry-pick craft growers to cultivate the plants, hand-pick, hang-dry and hand-trim the buds. Then they get packaged and distributed across the country.

In the past, the only way to access our drops would be to sign up through our private portal. Now, everyone’s favourite strains from the legacy market are being distributed to retailers around Canada.

What goes into a drop?

Hunting, scaling

All our genetics are bred and hunted by our legacy partners. Each genetic is grown out and vigorously tested until a winner has been selected. Then, we move the genetic into tissue culture, where our propagation partner Mother Labs propagates and scales the selected cultivar and supplies cuts to our grow partners.

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Growing, packaging

Once our micro cultivation partners receive cuts of our exclusive genetics, each is reviewed by the legacy breeder to ensure there’s consistency across all facilities required to scale Ghost Drops for the Canadian recreational market. When our plants are ready, they’re harvested by hand, hang dried, hand trimmed and cured to perfection. Product is then shipped to our processing partner, where it’s hand packed.

The good stuff

We aspire to regularly drop products that consumers demand. Premium products with big flavour. Over the years, we’ve learned through feedback from our legacy consumers. Our advantage and difference is our ability to interpret exactly what cannabis connoisseurs are looking for and catering each and every drop to their taste.

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